Redefining Exhaustion

I was never the most energetic young man. It took me into the second inning of a softball game to remember I was playing the game, not watching it.

Call my adrenaline unobservant.

Well, this week, I discovered what genuine exhaustion feels like. Thank you, COVID-19.

Now finishing my fourth full day, I am a bit better. I can keyboard.

Here is an example: xvlW2k9*%=^


This will be short. Oh, I forgot. I sound like a frog, too.


If you need an under-energized pet frog, I am available. I hope you like green.🤢

Of course, he might give you a disease.

To the good, I think my green phase is ending as of this afternoon; fingers crossed.

The advantage of experiencing illness at my age is that you can identify with the physical troubles of more and more people you know.

Sometimes you can recommend the right MD, medicine, the proper food, and other comments to remind them, “this too shall pass.”

Today I am reminding myself. That, Paxlovid and a wife serving as a benign caretaker are the best I can do.

Life, love, learning, and laughs go on despite feeling craptastic.

COVID-19 is survivable, yes; desirable, no.


The cartoon is called The Headache, by George Cruikshank, sourced from Wikimedia

29 thoughts on “Redefining Exhaustion

  1. Audience of One

    Hope you feel better soon, Dr. Stein!

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  2. Sending healing thoughts for a super speedy recovery! Feeling “craptastic” doesn’t sound like much fun. Take care! ❤️

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  3. I hope you feel better soon. After three years, Covid finally hit me a couple of weeks ago. Even a mild case is not fun!


  4. Dr. Stein- I’m so sorry you have Covid- what a not nice surprise. I am however genuinely grateful at your thoughtfulness in commenting on my blog post earlier today, but my goodness- please just rest and recuperate! Take care.


  5. Yikes! I’m sorry you got Covid! I had it last year and it wasn’t fun. But, like you, I had two of the most important medicines: my wife and Paxlovid.
    Get better soon!


  6. “Craptastic”—a new word for me! I’m sorry you’ve had an opportunity to coin up the new word. Seriously, I’m sorry. I’ve not had it and have become very blasé with taking precautions. I suppose that’s not good either. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

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  7. God bless you and help you with the best recovery possible! You are lucky if this is your very first time in more than 3 years since pandemic has started 😇🤗
    From a snow-covered Sweden, warmest thoughts for you and your dear wife.


  8. So sorry to hear you’re sick, but glad you somehow managed to keep your sense of humor through the misery of it. Holding all good thoughts for your speedy recovery. Feel better!

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  9. Sorry to hear you’re ill Doc but moving in the right direction is good. Take care!!


  10. I’m so sorry to hear you have Covid, Dr. Stein. But clearly it doesn’t affect your sense of humor! Wow – you have so many great lines in this like “call my adrenaline unobservant.” And my favorite, “Life, love, learning, and laughs go on despite feeling craptastic.”

    You are inspirational in every way and mood! Sending great thoughts to you and your caretaker for a speedy and full recovery!

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  11. Tamara Kulish from

    Hope you feel better soon! If you can take cbd I recommend it. Very helpful for clearing the mucus from the lungs and for healing!


  12. I’m glad to hear you’re turning the corner, and headed towards full recovery, Dr. Stein!


  13. I love frogs! All kinds of ornamental frogs adorn my garden. Sending best wishes for a quick recovery and return of energy 🙂


  14. Getting better, thanks, Kendra.

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  15. Improving, if not at light speed. It will do. Thanks, Vicki.


  16. Very kind of you, Wynne. I will pass your thoughtfulness along.


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