When Your Doctor Gives You the Finger: Why Men Fear “Digital” Medicine

Some problems are eternal. One is a doctor’s examination of body parts no one should fiddle with. I am not talking about playing the violin.

Read on if you are brave enough to know more about what your physician recommends and what your partner wants the M.D. to examine. I promise I will deliver some laughs by the end.

Dr. Gerald Stein


An early medical rage of this century was the move to electronic medical records (EMR) and the digital practice of medicine. But I’d like to say a few words about some rather different digits. One in particular.

Patients may not be afraid of the doctor touching the computer keyboard to bring up their personal information, but many of them certainly are afraid of the docs touching certain personal body parts and telling them something is wrong. To be specific, men are especially ticklish about another person putting their hands anywhere near their underwear-absent bottom.

Computer digits are OK, but human digits to perform the routine prostate exam, aka the single-finger digital rectal exam — no thank you. As Shakespeare would say, “There’s the rub.”

A 2011 Esquire Magazine internet survey sheds some light on this dark place in doctor-land. The survey should not be interpreted as gospel since it was…

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2 thoughts on “When Your Doctor Gives You the Finger: Why Men Fear “Digital” Medicine

  1. Tamara Kulish from https://tamarakulish.com/

    I think you’ve put the finger on a touchy subject!


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