What Money, Sex, Time, and Food Tell You About Anyone

It is hard to get away from thinking about money. How about sex? Are these related to each other? Please read on for my thoughts on this ever-present subject.

Dr. Gerald Stein

512px-Sexy_Mouth_transparentMany of us spend a fair amount of the day wondering what makes people tick. It is an amusing spectator sport, the stuff of daydreams, and hard to avoid in a world of inexplicable human behavior.

Here’s a little help in performing this pastime.

You capture a lot about his essence if you understand how a new acquaintance deals with money, sex, time, and food. The same is true of your boss, date, or co-worker. Anyone.

Let’s begin with MONEY. The dollar takes on layers of meaning beyond the commercial exchange.

I had a tall, thick-wristed uncle who quickly lifted and paid large bills on a restaurant table. He wanted to be the “big guy,” the successful man with a reputation for generosity. He had a wad of folding money in his pocket, as seen in a “man’s man” who wants to leave an impression. No pencil-necked, uncertain male…

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2 thoughts on “What Money, Sex, Time, and Food Tell You About Anyone

  1. An Audience of One

    With a title like that, there was no way NOT to read. 😊 And I sat rapt all the way through. I enjoy your dry sense of humor, ie: the not so little lambs.

    It feels rather like we’re getting a free, behind the scenes glimpse into the human psyche, but we’ll take it. Very fascinating read – thank you for sharing, Dr. Stein!


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