Trust: The High Hurdle of Therapy

The issue of trust of a therapist has rarely had more resonance. I wrote this blog seven years ago.

Dr. Gerald Stein


All relationships are either therapeutic or non-therapeutic. Or perhaps I should say, sometimes therapeutic and sometimes not. A relationship with a counselor is not exempt from this complication. Bloggers in treatment suggest that no other topic so unsettles the soul.

The heart is easily torn. A therapist tries to get inside a patient in a way more intimate than most sexual encounters. The client is expected to strip down before the healer in a metaphorical sense. Remember, our custom of shaking hands derives from the need of two souls to prove they are unarmed — that to be near is not to risk injury. Even without weapons, however, danger is there.

Partners in friendship, love, and therapy make assumptions. Sometimes these unstated beliefs undermine the possibility of understanding and trust. Trust is like a garment made out of words and expressions; actions and expectations. In the space of less than…

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2 thoughts on “Trust: The High Hurdle of Therapy

  1. Ah, this made me cry…
    ‘The heart is easily torn. A therapist tries to get inside a patient in a way more intimate than most sexual encounters.’ – this is so true. After 10 long years of therapy, I feel so misused….I trusted my therapist and gave her everything. She knows everything about me. And now, it’s over and I’m torn, empty, still broken and lonely. And I think of her every day. I really can’t pick myself up.

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    • Very sorry to hear of your sadness, Lydia. I wonder if you might find a group therapist who is leading a group suffering from similar losses? You probably know the usual sources for such people — professional organizations in the USA such as the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and so forth. Group therapy organizations would also be important to check out. Best wishes.

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