The Proper Attitude for the Moment

Few would argue the upside-down nature of the world. People ask me two questions:

How are you doing?

Will you help me understand what’s going on?

The second query reflects their desire to comprehend why people are behaving the way they are: masks or no masks, safety or freedom, vilifying folks who don’t agree with you, etc.

I’ll leave the answer to this for another time.

As to the first question, my younger grandson has the right idea. He is lucky in his possession of two loving parents, a (so far) affectionate older brother, and the appropriate attitude for our time.

His take on life is best reflected in one verbal and one nonverbal form of communication.

The verbal one is “Uh-oh,” which he offers with the perfect degree of clarity, inflection, and facial expression.

Put crudely, he recognizes we are in deep crapola.

His behavioral, nonverbal vantage point is evident from the picture above. I’m told he often takes this posture, though the photo is of a one-year-old girl. He is her age.

If the world is upside-down, so he appears to say, look between your legs with your eyes below your chin, and you’ve made it right-side up.

Were he 35-years-old or more, I think he’d make a terrific President. OK, an adult performing the stunt would shock people but, I think we are getting used to shocking strangeness in top-of-the food chain elected officials.

He’d fit right in and offer leadership by example superior to that which we often get.

Sometimes you have to laugh–all of us at every opportunity.

32 thoughts on “The Proper Attitude for the Moment

  1. Joanne M. Smith

    Yes, definitely we find ourselves in “deep weeds.” For me, a horticulturist , it fits. Would also mean I’m not doing my job.
    But, hey, I am in the right profession to help alleviate the depression I’ve found myself in, for months.
    My garden; nature. Ahh.
    I’m in a very politically volatile state of the country, too. A huge sigh … hear it?
    Where we are all headed is anyone’s guess.
    I’m a homebody, when not working, and glad of that.
    Classical music, meditation have helped.
    Take care, all.

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    • For those with access to the earth, your adaptation sounds appropriate to this time and most others. The mental health distress statistics are daunting. Many of our pastimes such as music and reading have become more than entertainment. Thank you, Joanne, and be well.

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  2. Humour is the lifeline of my life. It buoys us up and keeps us from drowning. Without it, I do not think I could be here. It allows space for reality and dissent and play – allows space for all things, actually. You are a man after my own heart. I hope you are doing okay, though. Upside down, if needs be. Goodnight x x x

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    • I am OK, thank you, Jay Mo. I am lucky to have weekly contact with my grandchildren. Humor can bind people, though this week’s post was not intended to dismiss those whose pain is existential and terrifying. We can only keep moving and join those who march (literally or figuratively) for a better tomorrow.

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  3. I’m reminded of the expression that fits so many different scenarios, “sometimes you just have to pull down your pants and slice on the ice.”

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  4. gb fragmented gumdrops

    I wish I could still bend like the girl in the picture.

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  5. The picture says it all once again.

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  6. gb fragmented gumdrops

    I have been in crisis for a while. It is on again off again. The world is upside down, polarized and scary. It depresses me. I have been trapped in my apartment for over 4 months. Rumors claim that vaccines will only be 50% effective, if that. Leaders have lied to us via political speak. How can we trust them? Some people lack empathy for the elderly and disabled; their lives are reduced to percentages. It is challenging to not consider the ways in which one might die, and what control we have over that type. I would rather die quickly than be tortured via dilerium or ventilator strangling. Then again, I want to live and be strong. But hope dissipates when traumatic memories resurface again and again, telling you that you will lose yet again to another perp. Sadly, this life is upside down. And I feel simply “down.”

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    • Very sorry to hear this, gb. There is medical opinion which should be consulted instead of rumors. Drs. Fauci, Michael Osterholm, Zeke Emmanuel, Joseph Fair, and Peter Hotez are widely esteemed and will offer the best knowledge they have.

      It is my understanding that a vaccine may be effective with a far larger percentage than what you’ve stated. However, you are correct that its efficacy and the durability of its immune defense can’t be known until many people have tried it.

      Be aware that medical treatments offered to you can be refused. Joseph Fair got COVID-19 himself and did refuse ventilator treatment. Hang in there, gb.

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      • gb fragmented gumdrops

        Thank you, Dr. Stein. I inhaled vacuum dust and am freaking out. I am dealing with both fears of Covid and isolation. I am dealing with DID, PTSD, OCD, etc. I am a mess. I fear that life will never be normal again. I panic a lot.

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    • I deleted my Twitter apps and stopped watching the news because of the stress it has brought me. I do not know if you are a big user of this, but this change (and I am still tempted to reengage) is making a huge difference. I felt as if I had a black cloud hanging over me and felt that the world is dangerous and scary. It has been 10 days now and I have brightened considerably and I am feeling like my old self again. It is hard to stay away from the news, which is why I still have longing for my shows but instead of being obsessed by doomsday politics or scenarios, I am reading books, learning to shore-up my bread baking skills, doing genealogical research, etc. GB, I do not know your situation or feel what you feel, I am just hoping if you can relate to my situation, maybe you can take something from it. This pandemic has been hard to deal with, the isolation is awful but Scientists are working very hard on our behalf. The best thing we can do is follow the CDC guidelines and I believe by following these guidelines, we will protect ourselves and others until the day comes when we “Can be together again.” Quote from Her Majesty. Warmest thoughts!

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      • Thanks, Nancy. Good advice.

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      • GB…Here is the correct quote from the Queen when she addressed her nation about the pandemic. “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return,” she said. “We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.”

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  7. An adorable photo. Gone are the days when I had such flexibility 🙂 Laughter is, indeed, great medicine for the “shocking strangeness” fed to us daily. Thank the gods for our cartoonists!

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  8. I have done this before but fell back into old habits, but I have again deleted my Twitter apps and we are no longer watching any news. The stress of it all was affecting me emotionally and I was feeling a sense of doom that I could no longer shake. Twenty-four hours after starting this regimen again, my world brightened and now that it has been 10 days detoxing from Twitter and MSNBC, I am feeling like my old self again. My life was consumed by the man in the White House and I spent my days glued to Twitter reading articles and tweets and MSNBC watching news with lots of gloomy opinion pieces. I subscribe to the N.Y. Times and The Washington Post and I get my news from there but I can pick and choose what I am reading. I recommend this to anyone who can no longer deal with the anxiety our current political situation brings us.

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    • I agree that it is easy to be overwhelmed by the news, especially if one is on social media, but also by thinking you will learn more by watching the same channel’s programs one after another. In my experience, the news stories and topics from one hr. to the next more or less repeat themselves, covering the same stories and issues, sometimes ignoring others worth attending to. TV, radio, tweets, etc., in any case, give incomplete stories as compared to a good newspaper, of which the Times and the Post are two great examples.

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      • You are absolutely correct, Dr. Stein….the stories are recycled throughout the day with different pundits giving their opinions, which is only an opinion and not necessarily the truth, but if they have a proclivity to stir things up, it can be to the detriment of the viewer. Yes, the Time and the Post do not cause me anxiety, but if I feel myself tightening-up, I close the article or opinion piece.

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  9. gb fragmented gumdrops

    My therapist is seeing me a second time this week. She can’t always do that, but that is really kind of her. I was feeling suicidal and had to do the safety contract thing. I am trying to use all coping skills. The ventilators remind me of being sexually assaulted orally. Julia is an alter that normally deals with it. But I was having flashbacks for the first time. A few other alters and I were feeling like life was hopeless. I did not want to be raped by a ventilator in the hospital if I got Covid. I am scared of Covid. I would rather die a different death. But I am trying to use distracting to cope. It is hard to distract and to feel anything but sadness and terror. I see the men who pinned me down now. I would rather see it as an alter. I see me. I was not ready to see that. I am afraid. I am afraid of Covid and this pandemic and all the violence and all the loss and hopelessness. Is there a future any more for me or any of us? I am scared and I am told to reach out to others. I do not know how to reach out to others without scaring you all with my flashback details. I am sorry. But I hope that someone understands. I want to learn how to find support the right way. I am afraid to get close and then people die off. I am selfish. I want everyone I know to be safe. I am afraid of loss. I have experienced too much. The news reinforces the betrayal I felt from MST. I am afraid to trust in some (not all) authority figures. I fear for my life. I fear being pinned down again. ICU patients are sometimes strapped down. That is what I read. I read about delirium, too. That scared me. And the pictures of the ventilators down throats. I am afraid of that happening to me. I have another appointment on Friday with my therapist and psychiatrist. I hope it all helps me get better soon. I want to remain locked in my apartment until there is a vaccine and some slowing down of viral spread. I am still relatively safe and using my safety plan. I am in need of a fun group for free that has interactive and safe activities with other people like doing art or something. It has to be a non-therapy group because I need to find a hobby to feel part of the world again. I tried the support groups and they scared me more. I need to do something more upbeat once a week – and with other people, not just by myself. Any suggestions?


    • I think your best bet is to go through your therapist and psychiatrist and their network of clinicians for guidance to something appropriate. I understand your desire to stay away from therapy groups, but your use of the word “safe” means whoever offers guidance needs to understand what you mean by this. On the other hand, google is always there to give you searches appropriate to what you want. Good luck, glb. This should be possible. and is a good sign that you haven’t given up on the world.

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      • gb fragmented gumdrops

        One of my providers suggested online meet-up groups. There are a ton of options, but I do not know yet what to search for. I suck at cooking and am not interested in that. Art is one option, but I am looking for alternatives. I do not play video games, so that is out, lol. I am trying to find something to make my life feel connected and less isolated. The online support groups were led by pushy peers and topics tended to stay negative, even with well-meaning positive suggestions. It got too triggering. I also got sidetracked with all the news on Covid and that ritualistic-sounding conspiracy theory involving childhood sexual abuse (something beginning with an A). The news made me sick. I felt like my life was threatened. I could not stop having flashbacks of all my traumas, it seems. I do not know what is happening in the world. I am supposed to find good things in the world to participate in on a social level.

        By safe I mean a general respect for boundaries, non-sexual interactions, guidelines for those who break the safety rules, and privacy. The activity must be legal.

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  10. Hi GB….I understand your need to feel safe and also your need for a safe outlet, so I am trying to think. It is these darn lockdowns that have thrown all these nice social activities off. Our local library is vibrant and offers all sorts of interesting activities such as book clubs, genealogy clubs (my interest and I have become friendly with some very nice women), historical talks, fund raisers to name a few. Of course some of these things are on Zoom now because of Covid but in general when we can return to a perfect world, libraries are a good resource. When I was working, our agency offered community activities to help get people out and enjoy local fairs, movies, poetry readings, etc. Again…pre-Covid. For myself, I have thought about joining historical societies because I love colonial history, but that is me. I have thought about joining the NAACP because I feel strongly about equality. Our sister agency which is private sector offered Art classes and had showings on the first Friday of the month so folks could try to sell their art. I have purchased some of this art for my home and treasure it. I have looked at Meet-ups online and you are right about sorting through them, some are older women my age who seem to like to party with red hats on their heads…not my thing. Volunteerism is a nice way to meet people and to stay engaged if you are interested in this. 211 was always a resource we relied upon and they were a wealth of information. It may or may not work but if you called inquiring as to where you could utilize your art skills and meet people, maybe they know of something you haven’t thought of. I mentioned the library as a resource, but I also know our library has volunteers. Maybe you could assist the librarians putting books away onto the shelves, you would meet people this way. I see a lot of familiar faces just by breezing in and out of the library. You are bright, smart and write so well, maybe you could become a literacy volunteer? How about the League of Woman Voters? Canvassing and helping people to register to vote….again…Covid. I strongly believe that eventually there will be a viable vaccine. I am glad you are seeing your therapist and psychiatrist on Friday, and that you reached out to them. When this Covid started I felt concern for the people I served as I could imagine their potential struggle. If you can stay away from the Covid news, I think you would start to feel better, like I am feeling better after detoxing from Trump. Anxiety and fear draws me towards the news and Twitter as it feeds my anxiety and I keep absorbing it to show myself that I am correct in being fearful. Crazy is t it? Try it for 24 hours…no news, read a book….and assess how you feel. You may be surprised and notice a touch of brightness. I wish you wellness and peace, GB…..:-)

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    • Thinking about other outlets when society normalizes. We have a local theater who relies completely upon volunteers to run the place. As an artist, you could assist with staging, painting backdrops, ushering (they see the shows for free), etc. I knew someone who volunteers in the local choir for her religion. (And I do not think she cared about the service…it was a way to meet people and participate in the social activities as a fringe benefit.) I knew a woman who read books to small children at the local Red Cross Shelter…this was a weekly endeavor that she loved. I know a man who sweeps the streets in front of his apartment building and the other streets. Not to say you should be sweeping streets, but he is known for this and is hailed as a hero in our community because the city has let the downtown area go. He takes great pride in his work and it has given him a sense of accomplishment and meaning to his life, and he was honored by our city and received wide coverage in the newspaper. Just a thought about the skills you have. We all have skills that can be utilized. My skill is that I am a good grunt worker who is reliable and I tend to go above and beyond. Everyone has something. That’s it for now!

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