A Man Who Didn’t Give in: Sir Nicholas Winton


“I work on the motto that if something isn’t impossible, there must be a way of doing it.” So said Sir Nicholas Winton when asked how he saved the lives of 669 children. Sir Nicholas died yesterday at the age of 106. Before you give up on whatever challenge faces you, get to know his story. The video documentary (above) includes a 2014 interview of Winton. I wrote this essay in 2009: To Save One Life is to Save the World/

2 thoughts on “A Man Who Didn’t Give in: Sir Nicholas Winton

  1. Thanks for sharing Sir Winton’s story, Dr. Stein. I needed a reminder that, when the forces of Evil seem to be on the winning edge, good survives in the shadows, saving one child at a time.

    It is a heartbreaking story of the sacrifices parents are sometimes forced to make to save their children’s lives.


    • drgeraldstein

      I’m glad you viewed the “60 Minutes” segment, Rosaliene. Your point of view is very well taken. As you suggest, there are two sets of heros here: Sir Nicholas and every parent who had the courage to give-over their child to strangers in another country to save them.

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