The Lighter Side of Freud

0084Therapy is such a grim business. At least it is stereotyped that way.

Thus, in the interest of a different look at the couch, here is something to consider. I cannot vouch that this therapeutic aid will work as advertised, but I leave it for your consideration:

Or, if you are more of a coffee person, this might be just the thing for you: Take a close look at Dr. Freud’s comment on the top cup, above. Click on the image if you can’t make it out.

I assure you I’m not on the payroll of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild and do not profit from your purchase of their products. Simply consider this a public service announcement.

8 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Freud

  1. Hi gerald I really like these things. Ive seen them before and I want to get a few things like the mints and the passport to the unconsious for my therapist when I one day reach the end of treatment. I think they would make great gifts. I think a teaspoon of humour makes the spoonful of therapy go down alot easier for both client and therapist. Don’t you?


  2. Laughter is the best medicine 🙂


  3. Crazy! Earlier this month I was almost tempted to buy a coffee mug that was on display at a local, homegrown grocery store. It was an all black mug with the rainbow design and declared: Pink Freud.
    I am a big Pink Floyd fan and the cup was mighty attractive but a) I don’t want more stuff and b) I don’t drink coffee. It was, however, good for a laugh!


    • Good decision, JT. Too much stuff, for sure. On the other hand, you might want to check out the Nietzsche t-shirts. At least those can be worn.


  4. Love the coffee mug! I recently found your blog, and have been sifting through the archives. Thank you for the comfort I’ve found from reading some of them.


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