For the Dark Night of the Soul: “Born to Live”


“Where words leave off, music begins.” No argument with Heinrich Heine, but I would say that music and words together sometimes are more powerful than either alone. Case in point, the documentary Born to Live.

You probably haven’t heard it, unless you live in Chicago or have followed the career of the legendary oral historian and radio personality, Studs Terkel.

This collage of voices and words has been broadcast as the first offering each January 1 on radio station WFMT. Created in 1961, during the “Cold War,” it remains timeless; designed to lift you up on those lonely nights at 3:00 a.m. when everything seems to be pulling you down. Once heard, you will not forget it.

Enough. Listen:

The photo is called Beach Sunset Newport Coast. Catalina Island is in the background. It is the work of Axion23 and is sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

2 thoughts on “For the Dark Night of the Soul: “Born to Live”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Dr. Stein. I’ll have to save this for later.


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