Laughter From an Unexpected Place: Adolf H. and His Search for a Concert Ticket

They say that “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” Here is a brief youtube clip of about four minutes to brighten your upcoming New Year’s Day. Whether you love Justin Bieber or Beethoven, Katie Perry or Prokofiev, this should give you a giggle:


There have been a number of Hitler parodies. This one comes from the excellent and very serious 2005 movie Downfall starring Bruno Ganz. The movie and the parody couldn’t be more different. Hitler parodies go as far back as Charlie Chaplin, Jack Benny, Zero Mostel, and the young Gene Wilder.

If you believe that there is such a thing as the devil, then you might be heartened by fun made of one composed of flesh and blood, as is done here. I just saw a comment by Bob Harper on another site that quoted Sir Thomas More. Harper applied More’s statement about how to harm the devil to the many Hitler parodies that have been made out of the same clip: “The devil is a proud spirit, and cannot endure to be mocked.”

This one, using the identical clip, is about Hitler getting his AP (Advanced Placement) test results for college:

2 thoughts on “Laughter From an Unexpected Place: Adolf H. and His Search for a Concert Ticket

  1. So funny. Laughter is the best medicine.


  2. Thank you, Rosaliene. Glad you enjoyed it!


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