Murmuration: A Flock of Starlings

This two-minute video will dazzle you: Murmuration.

It is the movement of a flock of starlings, as if choreographed, in a jaw-dropping spectacle. This happens each autumn in the evening sky of portions of the UK and elsewhere in northern Europe. Stay to the end of the film to see the reaction of one of the two young women in the boat.

The film is by Liberty Smith and Sophia Windsor Clive. Thanks to my friend Judy for sending it along.

The first image above is called Awklet Flock, Shumagins 1986, posted by D. Dibenski. The second photo is entitled You Make Me Fly by ElBe. Both are sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

5 thoughts on “Murmuration: A Flock of Starlings

  1. So amazing. We actually have a lot of this where we live, not sure what kind of birds they are, but I always love seeing it. there must be a good life lesson here.


    • Funny that you should say that “there must be a good life lesson here.” I posted it thinking the same thing, but I’m at a loss to say precisely what it is. Perhaps it is simply one of those things that is beyond words. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I received the following in a private email, as an anonymous comment on this thread, Crystal. “Even the most lowly, common, and ordinary of us can, when working together, create something so grand, so galvanizing, so breathtaking and so miraculously beautiful that it defies explanation.”


  3. mindfulness carrboro…

    […]Murmuration: A Flock of Starlings « Dr. Gerald Stein – Blogging About Psychotherapy from Chicago[…]…


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